Nudge-a-thon FAQ

Teams will be accepted on a first-come first serve basis until we reach capacity, at which point application submissions will be closed, and any teams over capacity will be notified.


You will receive confirmation of your submission within one week of your submission.


All participants will receive an information package via email at least one week prior to the event.


Tentative Timeline of Event Day:

  • Registration: 8:30am - 9:15am

  • Introduction to Behavioural Economics and Transit Fare Evasion (45 min)

  • Team Breakout: Ideate and develop solution and experiment design (4hr)

  • Judging (at team tables) starting at (2hr)

  • Deliberation and Winner Announced (30min)


Submission requirements:

  • Each team must have between 4-6 people


  • If you have less than 4 people, you can still submit as a team, but be aware that individuals or smaller groups will be added to your team.


  • Each team member must submit their own application, using the same Team Name and Password. This will allow us to group the teams accordingly.


  • Individuals are welcome to submit an application as well, and will be assigned to a team the day of the event


If you have any issues or inquiries, contact us at